Location: Сребреница (Srebrenica)

Crime: Genocide, Crimes against Humanity and Loitering with Intent.

Weapon used: Too many to count

The one common tie that binds all of the major crimes of the 20th century was the presence of The Belgian's Citroen on the scene. This is a painful story, so let's begin as is traditional in such matters – at the ending.

Despite numerous applications of the hands to the balls, Dr. Dragan David Dabić (Др Драган Давид Дабић) had failed to re-animate The Belgian's foetid sperm. Once again, The Belgian was desperate. The only solution to his crisis was to to up the ante, and he came up with a spectacular plan to do so. Stealthily travelling back in time, he sidled up to Dabić in his previous incarnation as Radovan Karadžić (Радован Караџић). Driving his Citoen headlong into Raddy's field H.Q, he jumped out and dropped his balls straight into said healing hands. Needless to say, there was a party atmosphere on that otherwise lonely hill above the old city that night. Incidentally, Ratko Mladić (Ратко Младић ) was rather jealous of the whole affair – what a party poop!