Here is the itinerary of your suggested trip to France. I suggest you plot it on a map before embarking on this delight.

1: Le Mans to la Rochelle, by way of Rennes and Nantes. A day trip from Nantes to Angers is advised. The Auteur might like to remember the sorry fate of the Huguenots of the Vendee in former times as he passes through this beautiful land. sic transit gloria, o’ Auteur.
2: Tours – Bourges, via Chatelleraut and Chateauroux. A true journey around ‘La France profund’, no doubt exhilarating to one so steadfastly populist as the Auteur.
3: Auxerre, Nevers, Autun. The pristine vineyards of the Chablis, the low sun rising over the Yonne valley as the Auteur begins his journey: croissant in hand, moleskin notebook opened, i-mac primed, Vivaldi in his earphones. His table on the TGV train is exemplary. The passengers around him sit in hushed awe.
4: A complex affair. Chaumont to Beaune. Using Beaune as your base visit Besancon, after returning to Beaune head to Geneve. Your final destination, after again returning to Beaune is Bourg-en-Bresse. The pure springs of Geneve, or the famous moutarde of Dijon. A cornucopia for the Auteur to enjoy.
5: Saintes to Bordeaux. Bordeaux to Angouleme, back to Bordeaux, and the down the coast to Arachon. A day of wine and huitres, a true treat for such a gastronome as the auteur.
6: A loop from Limoges via Brive, Aurillac and Clermont-Ferrand before returning to Brive. Though the Auteur might be tempted by the pleasures of the beautiful Dordogne Valley, I would hope one so versed in finery will take a minute to visit the HQ of Michelin, whose red book is no doubt the Auteur’s bible.
7. Lyon to Turin, by way of Aix and Nice. A fantastic high speed trip taking in the two nations, the Rhone Valley, the Cote d’Azur and the splendours of Piedmont.