Never lend a fiver to a Havisock.

Havisocks (short: Havs) are both easily recognizable and secretive. Their boasts are common and always in response to a statement of someone else.

Example 1: Edit

Unsuspecting Tavistock: 'I found a fiver in the street today.'

Typical Havisock response: 'Well, I got fifty pounds the other day. Found it next to a bag of cocaine.'

Analysis: The Havisocks not only planted a bag of ground Ibuprofen next to their daily budget for wine they'll never drink (they are gerontophiles pretending to be pedos), they also describe their government allowance as 'found'.

Rarely will a creative word flow from their lips. These pernicious creatures are everywhere and always ready to pounce, through indecency and sheer misplaced bravado. 'Annoying' is a concept they have expanded so thoroughly that it is now the number one cause of global swarming.