Rules of NutsEdit

  1. The objective of nuts is to take a whole nut
  2. The game is won by the last player to have successfully taken a whole nut
  3. The only plane around which an open game bag may be rotated is parallel to the surface the bag is on.
  4. All nuts are to be shown to the other competitor before eating
    1. In the event of a no show the pick become a Belgian faux-pas and the competitor is sanctioned.
    2. No more than one Belgian faux pas is permitted in the course of a game.
  5. The only acceptable contact between nuts players is the epee
  6. Any new player to the game must initiate his first session by purchasing a pint of crisps.
  7. If a player determines there are no more nuts in the bag he may invoke rule 7, the forced draw
    1. If there is a nut after rule 7, the loser must eat all remaining nuts, replace the bag and forfeits the game
    2. If the call for 7 is suspected to be one to engineer the eating of the nuts out of hunger one has commited the belgian subterfuge and will be prohibited from playing for the period of three games
  8. A shadow game may be initiated in the event of a serious dispute as to any rule's application
  9. Any competitor found to make a false accusation against his peers becomes the Frenchman,
    1. The Frenchman must purchase a trio of nut bags.

Glossary of nuts termsEdit

Montagne – Nuts in a piled formation

Campagne – Nuts flattened

Sauvage – Fast, careless play

Epee – The prod, the only valid way of rebuking a nuts player while the game is in progress

En Mer – Incredibly drunk nuts playing

En Lac – Drunk nuts playing

En Riviere – Intoxicated play

En Desert – Sober play

Midi – Noisy playing

Minuit – Playing on an empty stomac

Avant garde – Playing over the nuts bag to take nuts from in front of an opponent

Arierre garde – Taking nuts form ones own facing of the bag

Bleu – Playing with a slated nut rather than dry roast

Sans Yeux – playing with a chilli nut

Legionairre – A stranger who asks to play (c.f. rule 6)

Marquis – A third party who takes an interest

Paysanne – Someone who takes a nut unbidden

Belgian Opening – Grabbing a fistful of nuts, thereby striking terror in your opponent (and effectively ending the game)

Belgian Capitulation – A move to lose based on hunger

Belgian faux pas – Not showing the nut

Belgian subterfuge – Deliberately engineer 7.2

Magnum – A two bag game

Marie Jane – A three bag game