The Librarian Factfile
Date of Birth Holland
Special Power Until we know we assume that he is impotent.
Known Weaknesses Prefers to do things at a medium pace.

It was a Tuesday much like any other. I woke early and shaved. I took to the kitchen and retrieved a bowl from the cupboard. I chose it carefully because I have a favourite bowl, which can often be mistaken for one of the others because they are all part of a set. The one I like, I like for a particular reason that I will not go into here. I placed the bowl down carefully on the chopping board by the sink. I immediately regretted this because there was still a small amount of chopped parsley on it and some of it stuck to the bottom of the bowl. I looked out of the window and felt lonely, as I often do during the week (and for most of the weekend too). My mind wandered to a previous summer and a day when I went for a walk and an old man smiled at me. I quickly stopped my recollection and took some Honey Nut Loops out of the cupboard adjacent to the one in which I keep my crockery. I put some in my bowl and poured on some milk which I took from the fridge. The fridge was full of things that I will never eat, but will eventually throw away. Some of these items I paid quite a lot of money for. I ate my Honey Nut Loops thinking about what I was thinking about. afterwards I wondered why I do that and couldn't put my finger on it. I didn't have anything to do that day, so I went out and threw myself in front of a train.